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not sure if this is the right place to ask lol...i've got a soft and high breathy voice - is a condenser mic a good choice? currently have an mxl v67g (was a gift) and looking to try something different...
Make a thread about it, but the V67G is a pretty good option to have in a home studio. There are a lot better options now, (3U Audio CM1, iSK BM-600 which is about the same performance but a bit less self noise and multipattern for about $120) but it's a solid mic that's easy to get your hands on. Keep it around until you think you need a $400+ multipattern mic if the k67 capsules work on your voice. Lewitt's LCT 441 Flex is a good option if you think you need different polar patterns. SE Electronics T2 and 4400a can be had for cheap used as well. But if you only need a single pattern mic the V67G is a fine choice, and a cheap inline preamp in a budget interface is probably a much bigger issue than the 20 dB-A self noise of the V67G.