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I've come to the realization of the number one reason why I prefer the analog medium of recording. I find that when mixing digitally I am constantly struggling to not go in the red. I know leaving proper headroom is the key, but somehow, somewhere, something is always ****in' in the red and near clipping. It's like a bully who you kicked in the nuts when he tried to take your lunch money and he is now threatening to kill you, causing you to
look over your shoulder at all times. I don't like mixing like that! I think I'm just going to start putting a limiter on every single track.

I feel discouraged sometimes because my mixes aren't ultra modern. I suspect this is because even though I can only record and mix digitally, I treat my DAW like it's a tape machine.

To the people who respect my opinion, thanks for reading my post. I know by posting this I am tossing myself into oblivion, and though I will get owned by just about everyone, that's alright.
i'll be honest, when i have one snare channel, that has one or two clips in the song, i just throw a limiter at -.01 on the last insert, and forget about it. to me, it's not audible to hear those few clips, and all the limiter for me is doing is keeping that damn red light off.

oh, and to your main point, i feel the same way. mixing in the DAW is a pain, because you spend 70% of the time battling clipping and your levels, and when you're mixing OTB, you're just mixing. ITB really kills my creative flow.

I WILL be trying the trim plugin next time though...