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Here for the gear

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Hi Guys,

I know that there are plenty of apps that will allow me to edit and mangle audio on the iPad, and even play it back like an MPC or Sampler, but I’m getting an iPad Pro at the weekend and I’m trying to work out what the best way to get audio into it is.

In an idea world, I guess I just want somethign that I can plug into it that has a headphone out and a mini jack line in. Think Pocket Operator Sampler type thing.
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I already have a ‘proper’ studio so just see the iPad as something to mess with whilst travelling and so on.

The problem I have is that Bluetooth keyboard, audio interfaces and so on, just become another ‘thing’ to carry about that I inevitably end up getting annoyed with and not bothering with.

Ultimately, I’m not going to carry a proper audio interface around with me on the off chance that I want to sample something, so is there something super compact and basic (Bluetooth even) that fits the bill?

As a supplemental question, is there a way of recording audio from YouTube internally? That would be super cool I think...
GarageBand for iOS (iPad): Play sounds with the Sampler. You can record (or sample) a sound using a microphone, or add an audio file, and then play it back like a melody on the Sampler keyboard. You can save samples to use in other GarageBand songs, and edit them in several ways.
I'd love to use my iPad + MIDI keyboard to play some sampled instruments/classic synths but every time I search for 'iOS sampler' all I seem to find is crappy one-shot FX type 'joke' apps for DJs etc.

The closest I've found have been the iMPC app (more useful for making 'beats' really) and IK's 'SampleTank' for iPad which unfortunately is a lot more bloated than I'd like (with loops and other stuff I don't need). All I want is a selection of polyphonic instruments with the ability to add my own, maybe buy new packs of sounds and do some simple layering/tweaking of envelopes etc...

Does anything like that exist?

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