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I've used tape machines a good bit in the past, particularly A800s, but never an 827. I'm aware that they're able to store calibration settings for different tape formulations, but I can't seem to find any information anywhere, including the manual, on how to go about initially DOING the calibration.
you begin with a calibrated tone 2 inch real, that allready has signal recorded on it. the Tone tapes go on the machine, and you press play, and adjust Repro playback levels first.

the levels recorded on the Tape are the formula you are talking about. this dials in the machine playback to a reference point that has previously been identified.

Tone levels and speed get specified before you buy the tape.

the 2 inch studio that has the machine should have tone reals.

once playback is correct, you think about record levels etc etc.

the tape manufacturer will have level information.