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Here's an update: I bought a Surface Pro 6 with a Intel Core i5-8250U -- I would have preferred the "Commercial" () edition with the Intel Core i5-8350U but couldn't find it.

I have to give it to Microsoft that with Windows 10, they've produced an operating system that's much less annoying than I had expected.

I didn't have to do much to bring the memory usage down to 2/8 GB. A few autostart apps, a few services. Nothing major.

This guy has a few good tips on power settings and other tweaks that help when working with audio software, not only for the Surface Pro 6:

I've used LatencyMon to measure the noise in the box. I can't really compare the numbers as this is the first computer that I used this tool on, but I'm attaching them. If you're interested, compare them to your computer's.

The only half-problem I have with the Surface Pro 6 is that I think that Tracktion 7 (which is what I'm using as DAW for now) seems to be running on one "core" only, including its plugins. I may be wrong, but with Hyper-Threading, the power of the full CPU is spread awfully thin across eight "cores" if you're a single-CPU application.

Apart from that, I am using an RME Fireface UCX which is super nice and stable. No dropouts whatsoever, but I haven't tested how low I can go with the buffer size.
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