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I have an Early-2013 quad Retina Macbook Pro, 8GB RAM, which shares basically the same hardware specs as the mid-2012. If you've got a non-Retina one, I presume it's related to the hard disk drive. Get a SSD and the clicks will disappear. In my Apogee Element 46 (thunderbolt), I'm not getting clicks even at a buffer size of 32 samples. I'm quite impressed, since it's a Macbook Pro 5 years old. I presume your issue will be solved after upgrading to a SSD capable of using all SATA-III bandwidth (~500MB/s) and 8GB of RAM.
P.S.: my Mac has a Geekbench score of ~3500 (single core) and ~12000 (multi core).
It’s an SSD already , 2TB OWC aura