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@ Rec_Eng , just checking to see if you've made progress.

I'm curious for my own selfish reasons. Because I have mics I like for regular sessions, I only seek a very good solution for informal testing/recording. So not necessarily the best solution.

I've been looking into dpa. The 4099 (hypercardioid) seem a bit bright to me. I haven't heard the 4060 (omni) and I hope they'll be more even with better bass and lower mid response.

Does anyone have any experience with both the 4099 and the 4060 on piano and is willing to share their experience?

I am starting to believe in the previous mention of Earthworks by @ EleKtriKaz . The PM40 (omni), though I haven't heard them. Some years ago I looked into that solution (though maybe it was an earlier iteration of the PM40) but didn't drop the money. I kind of regret it now.

EDIT: Well maybe I don't regret. The 4060 could be positioned similarly to the Earthworks' positioning, especially with a number of magnet mounts, if not as easily or quickly adjustable which doesn't matter for a 'permanent' install. The self noise of both are about the same, 22dB for PM40 and 23dB for 4060, though the PM40 has an edge on max SPL, 148 vs 134dB (though on our piano we don't come close to those levels with the lid closed). And a dpa kit has other items offering flexibility for other uses (admittedly off topic here though).

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