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Thought like everyone says that Mac is better for audio especially in regards with pops and clicks exactly what I’m experiencing, what an irony.

Was PC DAW user for more than 20 years,
recently decided to try Mac,
before getting tan expensive Mac, got 2012 MacBook Pro.

High Sieera. Mackie Onyx Producer 2ch interface.

pops and clicks apparently happen not just at outputs but also get recorded on input tracks.
I also found on recorded tracks where the pop occurs there’s a break in a waveform (see attached image)

I tried:
aggregate device: built in audio for out and onyx for input,
Just built in audio,
Just mackie onyx,

Is there a way to optimize Mac for audio ?
Or how to fix this annoying pops and clicks ?
lots of info but .. what Buffer Size are you trying to work at ????