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This is what I use when recording remotely for 16 channels (or less). 2 ATI 8MX2 Preamps and 2 JoeCo BBR1's, and 128GB SD cards! I work for a company specializing in recording mostly classical music on location.

Direct Outs from the ATI pre's go into the primary JoeCo, then are passively sent into the Backup JoeCo and that's it! It is super convenient and useful for most concert recordings that don't require the use of a computer.

Microphones vary based on the recording project, but all the good stuff (Sennheiser, Schoeps, DPA, etc..)
Are you splitting the signal between the JoeCos before the recorders, like with Ys or a custom loom, or are you running the "return" outs from each channel of the first machine into the inputs of the 2nd?