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thank you!
Yes i already checked everything, but i am not just sure if it's really fully loaded, because
there is still an empty slot. ;-)

it's with:
102 v1 - 351 v1 - A800 v3 - M79 v3
111 v2 - 456 v3 - GP9 v3

(the 111 is sometimes a killer and sometimes does not fit at all. GP9 is "always" fine and clean, but in some cases boring compared to the 111 which can have a great "finishing" touch).

A Question: is it normal that there is some distortion when the input is relatively hot?
I checked it on several stuff with several combinations. Some percussive stuff become distorted when I have some hot levels (peaking near 0 (not above 0) on the vu meter of ats-1). Maybe it's because of the fast compression in the highs?
You have them all. There was another tape card that Dave Amels was working on (I believe) and it never came to production. You are fully loaded my friend, rest assured.