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Old 31st January 2019
Here for the gear

I'm Pony, the Brand Manager for Soundrop.

Obviously it's always disappointing to us when anyone has a bad experience with our distribution platform. That said, I'd like to clarify a couple points in regards to the feedback in this post:

1. When Wix decided to retire their distribution service, we worked with them to provide a seamless transitional option for Wix artists that wanted to keep their distribution uninterrupted, playcounts intact, avoid setup fees with a new distributor, having to go through the whole process again, etc... In order to opt-in, Wix artists had to log in to their Wix accounts, click through the "transfer to Soundrop" option, and register a new account with Soundrop. So it would be impossible for Wix content to transfer to Soundrop without the artist actively opting in for the transfer.

2. Once the opt-in period ended, we conducted an audit for copyright/trademark-infringing content. We did find some problematic content and as a result removed said content (along with any other content stored in this account) from all stores, per our agreements with DSPs. The user who created this post had not only actively opted-in for this transfer of content to Soundrop, and then subsequently had infringing content in their account so the account was closed and all content removed.

We take copyright and trademark infringement very seriously, and act swiftly and broadly when violating content is identified!

Our usage guidelines are publicly posted and can be viewed here: Soundrop Usage Guidelines – Soundrop Distribution