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I beg to differ. The browser is busier for sure. By default the browser puts all instruments, effects, tools, containers in one long list. If you start adding smart collections it gets even busier. The Inspector panel is a bit busier imo than Logic, definitely more than Ableton which only shows those elements at the bottom of the screen and you have to enable them by default. Instruments in Bitwig have two places where you can edit settings Inspector and Device view. If you want to enable mono, single trigger notes, change polyphony etc, you do that from the inspector. Most other DAWs have those options inside of the instrument itself. Can be confusing if you are not used to it.
The Bitwig pop-up browser is fantastic. I usually keep the regular browser closed cause I don't need it. Makes for a very clean and spacious work area.

With the pop-up broswer, I can add any device I want in about 3 seconds without even touching the mouse. Both Logic and Live suck in comparison.

The browser has solid tagging and sorting and it is fast. Live is like cold molasses. Logic is fast.

The Bitwig pop-up browser is also fantastic because if you have a track, with an instrument and recorded clips, you can select a different instrument plus preset in the browser and it adds it to the track so you can play it, tweak it etc. If you like it hit okay, if you want the original back, hit cancel. Freakin awesome!

The Bitwig Inspector has more useful info. And it is context sensitive so if you select a clip, it shows the pertinent info for the clip.

And it is a feature in Bitwig that some parameters for synths are in the Inspector. It means you can fold up the device in the device pane and save space and still be able to adjust some settings and edit modulations. Regarding the later, Bitwig blows Live out of the water and Logic doesn't even have that capability.