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Doesn't look any busier to me than Logic, Reaper, Cubase or Live.
I beg to differ. The browser is busier for sure. By default the browser puts all instruments, effects, tools, containers in one long list. If you start adding smart collections it gets even busier. The Inspector panel is a bit busier imo than Logic, definitely more than Ableton which only shows those elements at the bottom of the screen and you have to enable them by default. Instruments in Bitwig have two places where you can edit settings Inspector and Device view. If you want to enable mono, single trigger notes, change polyphony etc, you do that from the inspector. Most other DAWs have those options inside of the instrument itself. Can be confusing if you are not used to it.

Let's compare Ableton's DS Clap vs Bitiwig's E-Clap instrument.



One of them just looks cleaner imo. Easier to understand for users. That's just my opinion. The E-Clap is still usable but if I never touched a DAW before a lot of things in Bitwig would be really confusing.