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This is brilliant stuff. Pricing would be awesome.
Thanks mate! We're very pleased with C.A.S.T. Anything that reduces some cable clutter in my own studio is a winner in my book!

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Do you have a price and date yet? I read on the other thread you are concerned about Brexit.
As @ Karpmentalise said in another thread, we haven't released availability or pricing yet. Our factory is still flat-out trying to get 500R8/500ADAT into production ASAP and as soon as we have 500R8/500ADAT sorted, we'll work with our factory to get component lead-times and pricing for the Camden EC2, N22, and N22H done. Once we do this, we can announce pricing and availability.

Another slight problem is Brexit. Based on today's market, component lead-times take us to around May, and given the UK is leaving the EU on March 29th, the price of sterling could easily tumble and lose anywhere between 10-25% of its value... if we were to announce pricing now, it could have to increase when we're shipping or we would have to eat it and lose a lot of money (and we can't really afford to do this).

With the above disclaimer in mind - we hope to make it about $999 USD retail for Camden EC2 between $80-100 USD retail for N22, and around $130-150 USD retail for N22H. We're aiming to keep the costs as low as possible to hammer-home he whole 'low-cost' studio cabling message and opportunity for C.A.S.T.

As soon as we can confirm these, we will let you know!

Hope that helps! And sorry for the long-winded explanation.