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I know I've seen this in the past somewhere once or twice: hardware in place... software key to unlock. Just isn't coming to me specifically where it was.

Modules would certainly be more secure. Not that I would encourage or condone it, but there are people out there that will just love the challenge of doing a new type of soft/hardware crack. It's cool technology... Bettermaker have a step on many others. Will be interesting to see how it works out. Common place in software... "Ultimate" has it all... "Kinda-Pro" and "Lite" just have features in code commented out to cripple it. Hardware equivalent of that just kinda hurts.

Maybe cost analysis means it's just cheaper to put it all in there in one go. The auto industry will do that with wiring harnesses. Features are wired, but you need to pay to complete whatever option. Actually.... Teslas probably have plenty of software unlockable hardware options.

Another example... AMD and Intel will build quantities of high-end processors, then turn off cores/threads... reduce clock frequencies. They won't sell you codes to unlock them, though.