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I had the same experience back in December. It was a mess, so I uninstalled their demo software which came bundled with a MIDI keyboard controller I had just bought.

Furthermore, though, I don't "get" Bitwig. The software seems to get great reviews by people, but I have watched their own demo videos on their site, and look over their web pages, and to be 100% honest, the software looks like digital vomit.

It's supposed to be a DAW??? Not in my view. (I come from Cakewalk Sonar experience).

Then their upgraded versions have a bunch of new features for electronic music making people, that I could not make sense out of.

DISCLAIMER: I'm a composer, so I look at music and the tools to achieve music differently than the generation of the past 20 years.
This is a bit old I know but...

If it came with your keyboard most likely that's the Bitwig 8-track version which is licensed (it gives you an 8-track limited version of Bitwig you can use. Kind of like Ableton Lite or Protools First or something like that). Thats probably why you have to create an account. Otherwise you can download and demo Bitwig without needing to create an account and just click Demo when it launches.

Bitwig makes more sense if you've ever used Ableton before. If so then Bitwig works pretty much the same. I know when I first tried to use Ableton so many years back (version 4) I didn't "get it" since I was coming from more traditional DAWs like Logic. It took a few years for me to force myself to get it finally when I bought Ableton 8. Once you get it it's extremely intuitive. Bitwig is the same. You just need to "get it" once you do you'll wonder why you didn't get something so simple before.

I get the digital vomit comment. The interface is pretty busy and it tries to make things as readily available on the screen as possible. Again there is a simplicity there once you understand the design philosophy. On the flip side, Bitwig seems to go out of its way to be as technical as possible in certain instances or naming things more technically than other DAWs. You can definitely tell that programmers are designing it.