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Do streaming services like Spotify measure overall true peak of an entire song, or on

I'm new to mastering (Logic X Pro) and want to put my songs on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Spotify's FAQ page specifies "that the -2 dBTP recommendation only applies to material mastered louder than -14 LUFS. If your material measures -14 LUFS or lower, the True Peak recommendation is -1 dBTP"

But as far as True Peak goes.... I have a track that is -2dBTP almost all the way through... except for a couple of drum hits that go to -0.4dBTP. You can see them spiking here:

My question is, does Spotify's requirement refer to the song overall, or only the very highest points (drum hits)? I just don't want to go through the trouble of getting a distributor to get songs on Spotify only to have their normalization make those drum hits sound clipped.

FWIW, all my songs are around 13-16 LUFS and as of right now, none are above -2 dBTP. So that sounds pretty safe?

Would love an explanation that a lay person like me would understand. Thank you!