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Hmmm.... I thought it was going to be more "a la carte". I thought every function was available separately - for example wet/dry for like $5.00 or something. But it looks like they grouped everything in "packages" and you're gonna want at least one or two things in each package.

You're gonna want to control your sidechain filter, so that's a package. The wet/dry knob is lumped in with the M/S stuff and variable knee package. All the multiple compressors and and settings are available in a single package. So it's not really all that impressive looking at it from this standpoint. Instead it just comes off that you're being sold a really bare bones compressor and have to pay money to get a lot of the functionality that comes standard with most compressors today.

If every feature was separated (or lumped into like groups like all the m/s stuff in one group and the variable knee and wet / dry knob in another rather than have it all in one big group) then I think the concept might have worked. But at the moment, yeah, it just comes off like it's a stripped down compressor and you have to pay to unlock any real functionality.