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Very nice! I heard Mozart's "Coronation", since I also own the Italian Grand II. You got a good sound. Is it one of the factory settings?
Does the MMO bring a click track to follow the orchestra (specially in the ritardando's)?
What type editing did you have to do?
Thank you for listening, aremos.

The Mozart K.537 was performed about 6 years ago and edited in Logic. I did use a factory setting for the Ivory II Italian Grand. I am pretty sure that that recording used Italian Concert Grand II with the Level 2 Keyset.

There are a few videos on YouTube of people playing along with MMO recordings. You can do it reasonably well depending on the piece. Some MMO recordings are better than others in that respect. In the specific areas where you end up out of sync with the orchestra (because of a ritardando, for example) my editing method is to isolate that area, re-record the piano part, and mark the hitpoints for the out-of-sync area beat by beat on the MMO audio track in my DAW (I currently use Cubase). I then make micro adjustments to the tempo track to be in sync with the orchestra in that area.