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Pic's from Friday night in St. John's Cathedral, Denver, using both variations of Tony's Phased Arrays. I've had a very nice e-mail conversation with him over the last 2 weeks.

The 4 mic is on a 80cm bar, with (2) DPA 4003 omni's w/40mm APE's @ 67cm and (2) 4012 cardioids in ORTF @ 110deg./17cm. The parallel array has 2 sets of ribbon mic's on it @ 20cm spacing for comparison: The Superlux R102 mkII active ribbon (1.8 micron, active out to 18Khz) and the Recording Tools MRP-01 (also 1.8 micron, but passive to 18Khz). I will post clips after mix down for comparison.
I keep looking at the picture with the ribbon mics and looking at my Rode space bar (SB-20), which is up to 20cm, and thinking that the SB-20 seems much smaller than the distance you have on that bar... I believe what you said (and really liked the sound samples), but I can't help thinking there's something "wrong" with my space bar... I guess it's just a function of the photo?

In any case, I'd been considering buying a ribbon mic for a long time (I mostly record violin/viola), and the MRP-01 sounds interesting, although I'd probably have to complement it with a FETHead, as I don't have a good preamp... Do you still have it? Did you find necessary to do any mods to it?

Thanks for your time!