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Hey gollumsexslave,

In theory, a mechanical wall plate like this one will pass C.A.S.T. signals no problem! The wallplate is just an ethernet socket without any digital stuff, networking, etc, like have on the N22, N22H, EC2, etc so it works perfectly with C.A.S.T.

The issue is if this wall socket is poor quality, it could mess up our impedance matching and increase the crosstalk and noise... Hard for us to say but I can give one of these a try when I'm back in the UK and report back?

Cheers gollumsexslave!

Can't say fairer than that! Would be really cool if this worked, but I appreciate that the plates / wiring of the ports could have some impact to the sound quality.

Be very interested in what you find out when you get a chance to try it.