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Old 27th January 2019
Here for the gear

Coolest Things at NAMM2019

It was definitely about AI and Blockchain/AI.

Then, I was superbly amazed with the some innovations in some new synths like Pigments by Arturia and especially the update for Omnisphere 2.6 as well as several unique updates, like the String Studio 3 synth by Eric Thibeault of AAS.

AAS has built loads of libraries and great solid reputation with its products but you have to buy into the deal to really get the full effect - I am strongly recommending to check it out.

I loved the Korg Prologue and I own a gold Kronos so all good on the home front. Roland's drum machines (TR8) beat (pun intended) everyone.

It would have been good for Moog to create a single display with all synths from old to new and I did miss seeing the Bowen Solaris *its new OS is kickass* and the inimitable Stefan Schmidt with his 8-voice poly.

What I missed was the high end gear:

1) What happened to the CMI II clone? Of course, its now an ipad app
2) What happened to Fairlight?
3) Where is the real advancement in synths (okay, I have to admit Waldorf Quantum does qualify).

The I guess there is gear that never sees the light of day at NAMM

1) Symbolic Sounds Kyma - a simply amazing system
2) Vintage High End Keyboards (maybe a special section in upcoming years?)
3) A historic progression of all know drum machines

Feedback welcome!