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Originally Posted by theMuzzl3 View Post
Meh. Not feeling the 'oneness'? If you don't want me to post about my journey, then no need to ask for A/B links from me! Were you being sarcastic, from the beginning? Or, did you actually want me to post sound results from my chains?

Yah, no... I'm not saying that my chain will have a bunch of plugins on it. I'm just interested in trying many and comparing them, in order to decide which ones to use with more regularity (based on resulting sound, user interface, time required to dial in, etc). I'm currently going through a transformation.

Not trying to be a dick, but I appreciate that you are reading & responding; even if its meant to be sarcastic or for putting me down.

That said, I'll conclude with this:
In my normal chains of recent, I've been doing this:

(sometimes) just a HPF towards beginning of chain (Airwindows Hermepass)
One subtractive static Ozone EQ, digital (linear)
One subtractive Ozone dynamic EQ
Then, harmonics coloration & possibly glue compression or other stuff... followed by additive Kush Clariphonic MKII
Lastly, 1-2 TDR Nova's to do final cleaning before limiters.
Optionally, TDR DeEdger (does this count as EQ?)

And, if the above isn't a better result... then I can use none of the above, or 1-3 of them.
Heeeeey Muzzl3!

How are you my friend?! Hope you're slamming it! ;-)

Look, I was NOT trying to be nor have been sarcastic. All I said was post a few screenshots showing your Mastered Tracks with that ton of stuff. That is what I wanted to see. Is that so hard? Well of course that I was really intersted seeing how does they look! Not only me but many others here as you could see for yourself. Instead you go deeper in philosophy. OK. Your prerrogative. I dig that. It's OK. I became sarcastic afterwards. I admit that! Hope you won't take it the wrong way. As you have your right to (almost) write and think as you see fit so do I. Therefore I apologize if I crossed the line. I just couldn't help it. Sorry.

I will say this outloud now and publicly. I think you didn't understand both my question and interest in showing your waveform image (I'm talking about level and dynamics here) as well as from other users here who also work this for a long time. Professionally. The real question is why. But I leave that to you.

Read your long post (one or two back in this Thread) and think about it. Are you trying to post a few waveform screenshots or avoiding the fact by answering with yet another question?

Keep up the good work man and don't stop doing what you're doing!

Best regards to you man and all you Slutz here!