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since I'm currently in the process of putting together my first mid-side rig for stereo fx recording, I'm wondering if an ambisonic mic such as the relatively new Røde NT-SF 1 might be a good/ better alternative to an actual mid-side setup.

Could the final/ processed results of both recording techniques be comparable or am I mistaken (assuming that it's not about recording ambiences but rather more "direct" sound effects)?

From what I understand, the recorded tracks of an ambisonic mic can also be used in mono or stereo, depending on the processing done in post with certain plugins.
The problem might be that with an ambisonic mic it's not possible to choose a specific mid microphone, which could be a shotgun microphone in MS in order to get a really direct mid signal.

But other than that, could an ambisonic mic do the job of a mid-side setup?
you can derive various patterns from the b-format signals of ambisonic mics; check out the plugins/decoders from several manufacturers to get an idea...