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No, the sum of DAC and ADC could be both additive or compensating on certain frequencies. The point is YOU don’t know, WHAT is causing the depth. 1 person could have the match in heaven, but the worst result because he has a fridge humming on the same power group. Who knows? That’s why this test is completely useless.
Well if that were true, I would expect to see results for the same combination of DAC/ADC vary all over the place on Didier's list based upon the personal fridge preference or any other random variable of your choosing of the individual contributors, but that is clearly not the case as results for same DAC/ADC combinations align extremely well.

Consequently, I'm confident that a good result from this test is NOT produced by two individually crappy components that just happen to cancel each other out (i.e. DAC transfer function = crap and ADC transfer function = INV (crap))

Still, the usefulness (or uselessness) of the test is ultimately in the eye, or in this case, the ear of the beholder, just as is the case with any product or service. Specifically, I find the results of this test to be extremely useful whereas I find Minoxidil to be completely useless. Others may have the opposite opinion.