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Hey there Muzzl3,

would you be so king making a few waveform screenshots of your finished mastered (produced, finished thru all the way) things/tunes/tracks? Please?

I mean, after that much stuff residing at the very end I would really like to see complete track waveform (image). I am so curious.

Would that be too much trouble if I may ask?

Thank you very, very much in advance!

Eventually, I would like to do this. Is there specific examples of what you would like compared? The main reason why I hold back on doing this is because I feel like most of the time, the best tool isn't always the same one that works best in 90%+ of the cases... in other words, it always depends on the source material. The second reason why I haven't done it, is because I waste way too much time typing way too much... and the third is: I'm spending more time reading what others' type, and resting my ears as much as possible. Also, my system is in a constant state of change, so I'd have to list my mastering chain for every before/after example... unless I did an album with just 1 system and stuck to it.

I may do some live streaming, while comparing plugins... if my CPU can handle it. I've got some new A/B comparison tools to test out, as well. The chances of me posting audio examples is fairly slim, because I'm always working on clients' songs... and (trust me), you wouldn't want to hear me testing things on my own songs.

Also, I am mostly focused on figuring out my EQ situation, right now... and I am in the middle of kind of "rebuilding" my standard-ish mastering chain. I have my clipping stages fairly well figured out, but I am also trying to develop a system of something along the lines of: clip/limit/clip/limit/limit (to make it short)... and so most of my tests are ones where I am combining multiple tools, rather than comparing 1 vs another.

I struggle with CPU issues, and so I am trying to find a balance that works for me. For a long while, I have been rendering once, then doing the limiters & rendering twice... or going back & adding them to the first project and rendering... and it just doesn't work at all because I'm not hearing how small adjustments cause differences in how the limiters behave.

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Even better, post the source file, post the target loudness, and we could all have a go and compare results.
This is the best idea. I would suggest that we might want to chose 2 to 5 source files, of varying genres.

Rap, rock, EDM/techno/trap/dubstep, accoustic, and perhaps drone? Perhaps, source material with high dynamic range, and another source with low... one with heavy bass, and one accoustic?

I also suggest that we make 2 or 3 loudness target levels for each example. For example, Invisible Limiter + OneCornerClip + Voxengo Elephant might sound better at -11 to -14 LUFS, where as (maybe) a clipper + DMG Limitless might win at -9 LUFS, andOzone Maximizer + ADClip7 + OneCornerClip + DMG Limitless might sound the best when we push it to rediculously -6 LUFS, or something.

I could post a noise track of my own, but nobody wants that.


Where should we host the files?

Should we limit our chains to ONLY clippers and limiters, with no compressors that aren't considered to be limiters? Problem that I see with this: the clippers/limiters are always going to act differently, depending on the rest of our chain (ie, dynamic eq, glue compression, soothe, deedger, defilter, etc).

Should we restrict our comparisons to using only one limiter or clipper? Or, should we use 1 clipper + 1 limiter? Problem I see: DMG Limitless has 2 limiters built into it. Weiss DS1-MK3 has a compressor and a clipper/limiter, which act as two halves of one algorithm.