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Will reset your mind and refresh your body. Stress tolerance will increase. Other claim that it stimulates the immune system, but I couldn't measure this, so it's up to you to decide if that's the case or not. All in's definitely worth it. I advice people to read more literature before, it is a thermal shock and you need to build cold resistance gradually to do this safely. Also make sure to discuss it with your doctor, specially if you're on any given medication.

I think that's a bunch of BS. I never 'developed any cold resistance to do it safely'. I'm in my 40's and 6'1 160lbs and was the first one to be shivering when I was a kid. The body was designed to survive the seasons and humans have evolved for millenia before we had modern insulation, oil furnaces and baseboard heating to withstand the cold and the elements. We're stronger than we think, everyone is so afraid to just jump in. If you have any fear (at all) then you will not do it!!! You have to have no concerns and worries at all, because really it's not much different than running and jumping into a cold lake which we did as kids.