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Old 25th January 2019
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We certainly had hints on the Roland front that failed to materialize, but otherwise this seems like a pretty typical NAMM to me. If I remember correctly, the Korg Prologue got the most attention last year because there was little else competing for attention. This year's Yamaha CP73/88, Behringer's clone army, Arturia Micro Freak, Korg Minilogue xd, Akai APC, and some major firmware updates (Quantum v2.0, Forte v4.0) may not be everyone's cup of tea but there are some nice products in the mix. If you're a guitarist then there's Fender's Acoustasonic Telecaster to feel strongly about one way or another. There may still be some small surprises, such as the anticipated tease of Line-6's Helix v2.8 this evening. All in all, pretty much how I remember most of the shows that don't happen to have that one product aimed right at me.

Of course the year is also just getting started. We have enough other events on the calendar and the inevitable off-calendar surprises to keep things interesting from here.