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Wow. I’m even confused myself. Had to double check the internet to re-discover that Sequential called it the “Pro-One” and not “Pro-1”. So there is at least some edit action that happened and not a literal copy/paste.

I’m sure this seems staged (it’s GS after all), but I literally just self demonstrated customer confusion. Wild.

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Kinda sux that it looks so much like a Sequential Pro-1 - all the way down to the font - that if Sequential released the same thing there would be plenty of market confusion. Would the average Guitar Center person understand the difference at all? Heck no.

I mean, you can’t build a Stratocaster and call it “Blender Stratocaster” with the spaghetti logo and same headstock shape. But plenty of companies make “S-type” and “T-Type” guitars. They just don’t say “Stratocaster” and “Telecaster”.

I know. (And I own a Neutron). I’m sure B has a _legal_ basis. It hasn’t really bothered me until this point seeing the video and seeing them totally serious about full copy/paste of the product emblem.

But it if wasn’t an identifiable icon, they wouldn’t bother to copy/paste the name.