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Hi Josh. I am quite interested in this unit. I have a question. You may have answered this somewhere already, but since there is not yet one spot to see all the latest info in one place (I know you're working on that, though), I will ask here, please.

It concerns the kind offer you made to folks who have been waiting on other Stam equipment. When using the 50% discount on the one item, what price is the discount applied to?

For example, on this SA-609 piece, is it 50% off the "FIRST 100 TO PRE-ORDER: $990 USD", as long as that price remains applicable? Or one of the other prices listed in your opening post? This is not made clear - at least, to me - in the latest update email I received.

And, btw, I received an update on the 1073EQ on Jan 8, and an update on the SA4000 MKII on Jan 18. Your email updates seem to be improving, as promised, good sir. Noticed and appreciated.
In the email you are referring to, Josh said:

"Please note that this discount is for a maximum of one unit per client and applies on top of the stock price of units."
The stock price of the 609 is $1,290 US.