thread: Studio Scams
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Old 23rd January 2019
I got one the other day via a phone call. Really bad VOIP phone call. Very thick Asian accent. Wanted to book some studio time for his nephew for his birthday and wanted to send me a check for my time and for some "cash" ($500) for his nephew. I knew this was a scam from the get go. I told him that he should have his nephew pay me in cash when he came to the studio and he should give his nephew his "birthday cash gift" in person. Click goes the phone.

I also got one from someone wanting to know if I had some extra audio equipment for his church. Said it would be a "tax deductible contribution". He was looking for some older equipment I might have "just laying around" like Neumann microphones, any Fairchild equipment, any tape decks from Studer or Ampex multitracks, any old RCA ribbon microphones and anything else that I had "just laying around unused". if I did he would send his truck to collect it. The phone number was not local. How DUMB do these people have to be to think that someone would just give them a whole lot of valuable vintage equipment for someone's church? I had this happen once before and when I looked up the phone number it belonged to a store that sold vintage equipment. I am sure this is the same thing for this request.