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I've found that with me the 4 hours per day (in 2+2) method works better than the 8 full day for things that require high cpu load in the head.
More quality and less time. Circa the same final results, the fact is that keeping high attention always engaged for long time is impossibile.
Henri Poincaré was a famous mathematician to use this strategy (2hours morning + 2 hours late afternoon with a big break in the mid) but not the only famous person.
If I can I do 10-12am circa and 20-22pm (or 22-24). Between 12 and 20 I've 8 full hours free.
In this central part my head can cool down.

I divide all the projects in blocks of circa 2hrs in my todolist (but I don't use the clock when executing because it stresses me, I go with the sixth sense, it tells me when circa 2 hours has passed, if they are 2,5 or 1,7 is the same). I don't skip saturday and sunday.
It's a total of 28 high quality hours vs 40 low quality hours average and more free time every day.

This maybe can help you also to grow up some babies with serenity.
I've heard that before and yes, I couldn't agree more. I can attest to the fact that most people in my day job industry (visual effects) crank the best stuff out before noon and after 5pm, everything in between is procrastination and tooling around. Certainly just staring at your DAW isn't making the song write itself any easier