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Old 22nd January 2019
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This past year I started
1. Intermittent fasting
2. Tracking Macros/Micronutrients using Cronometer(get this app!)
3. Taking cold showers

I played music my whole life, studied it in college, toured, gigged, cowrote for singer songwriters. Have perfect relative pitch so I can transcribe most any melody, chord progression I hear(Jazz and some more complex music takes me a while longer).

I've always struggled with severe inattentive ADHD and have had a strange perfectionism/depression thing going on that kept me from recording and finishing my own music. I struggled to play rhythmically tight in sessions, and I had acid reflux that would destroy my voice after 2 songs. Chronic joint pain slowed me down as well.

At 28 years old, my ADHD is gone along with my joint pain, depression. My sense of rhythm is 10x better in 3 months, my voice is better. I'm 45lbs lighter and have more muscle mass(almost have abs). Best of all, I'm finishing music I wrote and my creative process is much faster as well as the depth of my a ability to learn.

I wish I made these lifestyle changes 10 years ago. My career would have gone a completely different direction.

Guys, don't wait. Make lifestyle changes today. Your health is everything. It will effect your musicality, human interaction(potential opportunities), family and your enjoyment of life in general.

YouTube ->
1. Thomas Delauer (Health, Nutrition etc)
2. Wim Hof (He's an inspiration(for cold showers))