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Old 21st January 2019
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I must agree that it is disheartening that you cannot live off of your music. I cannot imagine what would come out if you could devote the best hours of the day to making music. I find your level of song writing top notch and there are several huge sleeper hits among your songs. I get the feeling that you are trying to write the best pop song possible but without chasing the commercial prize. A label could probably help you with exposure and getting shelf space but then you'd have to give up a lot of ownership in return.

I have read your answers here and must say I also admire your integrity regarding the business and not exposing yourself in social media (let the haters hate Starcadian and not the individual behind it), desperately and pathetically begging for likes and subscriptions etc. The music speaks for itself and I kinda dig the mystery around the Starcadian character.

I'll head over to Bandcamp now and buy your albums.