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See, this hurts the heart. By numbers alone this should allow a musician a comfortable living or at least no day job. I know it takes a bit more chutzpah and creativity to find avenues and outlets to generate an income for a musician these days, but clearly something is wrong with the system. But props to you Starcadian, you’re still at it so while I lament the state of the biz, I’m glad there are talented artists like yourself that still do whatever they can to bring us music.
Yeah I mean it IS a broken system and I'd love to be wiping my butt with dollar bills, but at the end of they day, none of us are making it FOR the system, we're doing it for people like us!
Success isn't really selling millions of records or having people screaming at you at Coachella (even though they didn't know you from Sunday and they're just pumped to be at a festival), all that crap is manufactured and engineered by a long-in-the-tooth system designed to push opiates for distraction. Believe you me, I know the stories behind the music for quite a few people and most Grammies, viral hits and success stories are a bit of a joke.
My job and the meaning I've imbued to my life is to write songs that make people feel and to find interesting ways to talk about the human condition, its failings and its bittersweet moments, while building a mythology around it that represents my beliefs about life in the universe and the nature of reality. Not getting lucky in a club and whether people remember the 80s or not