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Have you had any record labels sniffing around yet?
I've had a few over the years, a really really really big one was shopping Sunset Blood, but then fell off the face of the earth, months later I found that it had actually closed, then some indie labels asking for very obviously stupid terms that no rational being would say yes to.
To be frank, as a musician, you need to live through a few of those to see how much gaslighting happens in the label wooing process, pretty morally bankrupt. I've even had some big labels put some huge musicians on the phone with me to impress me enough to forget I won't own my masters. Needless to say, I've become pretty well versed in legalese and running my own business!
That's not to say that I am against the idea of a label at all, but the way I see it is I've built my thing from the ground up, have a distributor, a tour manager, have a close, interactive relationship with my fans and there is a very real mutual respect there, it would take a preeeeetty enticing contract, promising a massive marketing budget on paper, to get me signed, otherwise I don't really see the point