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Brother, thanks so much for taking the time to answer my and everyone elses's questions.

This snippet here really seems to capture it: you had an amazing piece of work, some people with a platform shared and boosted it on account of its merits, and when they went looking found more quality work waiting for them.

You seem to be in in heavy rotation on various synthwave playlists/stations on Spotify. How important would you say those are?
Hell if I know, to be honest, I don't even know how to get on them. Metrics are garbage to me personally, I know that I have over half a million fans and millions of streams, but I still go to work every day and I haven't bought a porsche yet, so define important haha. What matters now, is what mattered when I first released Girls Of Midnight; that at least one person had an ecstatic, guttural reaction to my sounds, that's literally all musicians truly want.
If I can make more money out of it and do it for a living, that'd be GREAT, but for now the only real metric that counts, is the reaction of fans that have been listening for a while, I owe it to them, as much as I owe it to me to not put my name on garbage or halfbaked productions