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No, the sum of DAC and ADC could be both additive or compensating on certain frequencies. The point is YOU don’t know, WHAT is causing the depth. 1 person could have the match in heaven, but the worst result because he has a fridge humming on the same power group. Who knows? That’s why this test is completely useless.
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You seem to be implying that both the DAC and ADC could be "off", but that one could compensate for the other thereby rendering the results of testing the pair invalid. I find it extremely unlikely that that would happen over the course of the entire 2 minute sound file.

Moreover, if a pair in Didier's list produces a file that when subtracted from the original produces a result with a 70 dB RMS difference, I would confidently state that both the DAC and ADC in that pair are excellent individual components (at least in terms transparency) and I defy you to state otherwise.

Let me guess.... you own some equipment that is included in Didier's list that isn't ranked very highly.