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Here for the gear

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Cathy Heller - IMDb

Especially since you are waaay behind the curve, and the golden days of big money $20k + licenses are far behind us - unless your name is Bono or Townsend. These days it's $50 micro sync's and thousands of $0.29 to $1.73 performance royalties, while writing 200+ tunes a year to keep up - then in 5-10 years, you're living the dream. That is unless streaming takes over. Oh wait......


Use common sense. Good luck.

Thanks, drBill. Daunting, the picture you describe now. And as I explore this site, which has such a wealth of information, I see there are lots of rabbit holes. Just as a sidebar for-instance, understanding the nuances of legalese that may mean Splice is a bad bet to use; etc. So I'd need a lawyer on board too?

Another Growth Experience.