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Old 20th January 2019
Here for the gear

Hi - I've just joined Gearslutz, after finding this thread VERRRY interesting. [Note: I made this post a few minutes ago, before AudioSoundzz's update loaded in my browser. Glad to learn what happened for you.] [Note2: I came up with this cute MaineStream moniker on the spot, and have since learned there's a MaineStreamMusic company, dagnabbit. I have no connection with them.]

I'd like to hear updates, since most of this thread is a year and a half old. AudioSoundzz, You got in on the ground floor -- it's now close to $2K for the year. And drBill, Goodkeys and others, how do you see the scene has changed over this time period? Plus, any and all of you, I have everything to learn about libraries, etc. Orbiterred, if you're still willing to provide a list of good YouTube channels, that would be fantastic. Though I've been a musician all my life and a songwriter for a dozen+ years, with licensing I'm starting from scratch.

I'm a singer and songwriter, used to be based in NYC and Woodstock NY, now in the gorgeous wilds of the Downeast Maine coast. Licensing hadn't occurred to me as a potential income stream for my music till I took Cathy's 5-day freebie course on FB this week, because I was more familiar with singer-songwriter friends just having had success in placing their stems, or the whole instrumental mix minus the vocals. Cathy's pitch-course had some good overview content for a newbie, and good energy (hey, it had better be good when you're selling a primo package!), but the kinds of details I want to know in advance before plunking down that kind of money are lacking. And she didn't respond to an email I sent her 2 days ago with some questions.

What's appealing to me about her pitch--and yes, I'm super-familiar with the bait-and-upsell online guru model, in a LOT of subject areas--is that it seems to promise a one-stop source of information, a working/learning community and potential placement/agenting. When I did my Master's Certificate in Songwriting online with Berkleemusic several years back, it was a great learning experience, intense and demanding, and I met good colleagues and teachers. I liked the collaborative/feedback process. Now that I'm geographically isolated from a lot of in-person musical comrades and resources I had in NY, this was calling out to me.

I think the posts in this thread have persuaded me to follow my gut in 2 ways: yes, licensing could be a good direction for my work; and no, as lonely as the prospect of doing it on my own seems, I need to energetically learn about the licensing scene while writing a LOT of new material. My newbie-ness is daunting, and I'm an older newbie, too. Would be grateful to hear from anyone about how to get started building the kind of community that Cathy presents herself as ready to deliver to clients on a silver platter. Thanks in advance!