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I’ve been in some excellent rooms, but there is one room I’ve never been in that stands out.
I’m going to say Sound City in LA. As a mastering engineer in Los Angeles in the 70s and 80s, I heard work from all over the world, but with more from Los Angeles than anywhere else. I never heard anything recorded and mixed at Sound City that was less than stellar. Known groups, unknown groups, veterans, newbies, different engineers and producers, different genres... it didn’t seem to lower the quality of the sound. And with a couple of exceptions, they were studio recorded sessions, not sampled or computer generated.
There are so many things that factored in beside the rooms, but the recording room delivered the goods, and the control room, including board and monitors, allowed people to do great work, which they obviously heard very well.
I saw a TV special once, but I don’t remember who designed the rooms or what monitors they used.
I really love the fact that this comes from a mastering engineer point of view!
Yeah Sound City had an amazing room. From what I understand from the documentary, it was not really properly design by anybody either. It's mostly luck. It was the old warehouse of the vox factory. I remember seeing a lot of Yamaha NS-10 and Genelec on the console top. But I can't tell what they were mostly using. It's a sad thing that this studio' gone...

It's interesting that pretty much every thing coming from there was stellar. That place really had something I guess.

Thank you for that!