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Hey Steve,

I lost track of updating my progress. Man that extra 12 feet would be great! My 12x13 is plenty of space for my purposes but if I ever do a ground up shed build I will add some square footage for sure!

I did do a very thin "attic" space with air flow that hugged the roof instead of dropping down the rafters. I wanted it to feel bigger. Also, I thought it would sound better than a flat roof and it gave me some storage space up top.

I did end up doing whisper clips, double dry wall, green glue. I laid cement board on the floor and then put laminate flooring on top. Still hoping to do the mini split AC unit someday but for now rocking the cheaper baseboard heater and window AC. I have some issues with the door. Did some work to help seal it and added some weight to it for sound transference through it, but it is a bit janky and on my list to upgrade. It's not a standard door jam so it may need to be a custom job.

It's a bit of a money/time investment but I highly recommend the shed studio. Having it disconnected from the house where my wife and 2 little ones are sleeping or making noise is crucial!

I have a full box of green glue left over from the build that I never got around to selling. Let me know if you are interested in it.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my experience.

I will try to update my thread to show the finished product when I can!

It would be cool to see the finished results. I know what you mean about having a higher ceiling, it's desirable.
My potential shed would likely be a high lofted barn style (looking at the Old Hickery sheds). One thing about attic space that I've known for 30 years of being an electrician & crawling up in them during summers is, that the larger/higher the space, means less heat in that space & less heat transfer into the living space below. Having a maximum attic space vs the higher ceiling is going to be a trade off for me to consider. It gets about 110 degrees here in Northern/ central California, so the larger attic space would win over for confort.
Aside from the shed shell itself, I'd be doing everything else myself. I'd likely just buy an AC & heater similar to what you've done, rather than a far more expensive split system. But I'll be considering an all in one combo heat/air unit.