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The point is to give inexperienced people pointers on how to go about point 1. This is the newbies subforum.

The really bad thing about threads like this is all the really bad information and advice that gets thrown ou there....and there is a lot of it here. The problem is that many of the people who this is supposed to help don’t know enough to separate the good info from the bad, and caan actually be setback for believing some of the not so good advice being thrown around.

When you start a thread like this you need a knowledgeable person to monitor, guide and correct or things will just go sideways. Your numbers analogy is a perfect example, posting misinformation does not only confuses and set people back, unfortunately the damage is already done.

People don’t want dumbed-down information, they want the facts explained correctly and they can figure out how to make things work for them over time and with experience...just saying.