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Old 17th January 2019
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Originally Posted by elcct View Post
What I meant is that they should fix usability before adding a pile of new things. If the UI is clunky and things don't work as expected then what's the point in having more stuff that you won't use anyway. Not sure what this aims to achieve.
It aims to achieve selling more bitwig licenses.

Many of the bitwig users love this "tinkering" side aspect of bitwig, it's good at this sort of thing and just about to get better, more sales and renewals hopefully.

For me the reason I first got bitwig was because of "the fully modular environment", I'm not sure v3 is what was advertised in any way but it's interesting stuff for the tinkerers and maybe a start.

For me though bitwig is not useable as a DAW, too many weak points. I still like it to tinker with it though, if only they would release the device/chain side of it as a plugin to use in another DAW it would be killer.