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This is the worst feature of Bitwig imho. If you want to select something the popup covers good chunk of the screen and distracts. I prefer the UI that has everything visible in one screen which Ableton done pretty well.
This is what they offered me to use when they said the ability to switch the browser to the left hand side is unavailable. I find it bizarre because given how flexible their UI system is, that shouldn't take much effort to make.
I'd love to jump the Ableton ship, because their handling of multi-core cpus is rubbish among the other things, but the workflow is second to none.
It appears that Bitwig wants to differentiate itself from Ableton even at the cost of inferior usability.
Fair enough, I think you can turn it off (never looked) but for the few seconds its on the screen its a real workflow enhancement

"The Pop-up Browser is aware of its surroundings, assessing where it was called up within the track's signal flow and then giving you the most common device type for that particular situation. For example, clicking the add device button immediately before an instrument will automatically suggest Note Effect devices."

The other thing is I use other DAWS, mainly Studio One, also Cubase - both have the browser on the left (and I don't think they move either), so its where I expect to see it...its Live that is the odd man out I think!