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But now you’re talking about having extra 4/5 devices and the know how in using Max4Live just to get the same results. Again, it all comes down to workflow and simplicity.
This is the Ableton fault, their marketing strategy is a disaster. All the advanced possibilities of the Ableton should be available by default in all versions of this software.

For example, a Launchpad owner should download a bunch of other software or the Max4Live, in order to get some pleasant other features which are associated with the hardware experience such as the step sequencer [step mode with lightning pads] etc…

So, Akai now normally capitalize the fact that the average user can't organize all this cool hardware experience by using an affordable pad controller for Ableton [a launchpad or whatever...]

So, now Akai they offer to you a cool standalone machine to have fun with it and that is all about, and to me yea they’re doing it pretty much well…