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If it wasn’t advertised so heavily in connection to Ableton, I’d have no issues.

Ableton could have said “it’s a bastardized off-shoot of an MPC that just so happens to control Ableton really well.” I’d be cool with that.

But folks actially using Ableton with a reasonably current computer and interface will gain nothing from this.

It’s not as portable. Doesn’t offer any new features (most balanced interfaces can use Max for live for CV BTW, easily). Doesn’t offer stablilty as hardware, as it would have to tethered to a laptop anyway. It can’t load plugins or virtual instruments.

It’s no less tiresome than Push. I promise I can edit audio from a sample faster with a mouse dude. With push, I get everything else I need for launching clips.

I’m not arguing just to argue. If there is any good reason to own this thing if I already have LIVE and PUSH, I can’t find one.
But now you’re talking about having extra 4/5 devices and the know how in using Max4Live just to get the same results. Again, it all comes down to workflow and simplicity.