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The 4 CV outs immediately grabbed me. I sincerely hope they can output user automation, envelopes, and LFO's - aside from pitch and gate of course. It would be pretty neat to draw some automation curves, cv that out to the desired parameter, then immediately sample that right back in.

I may be in the minority, but if they can get the CV features right I'll likely spring on it.
Absolutely agree! I wonder if that can be done in real time for live use? I’m extremely keen to see how the crossfader can be used - Octatrack anyone?

Actually, I’m thinking of downgrading my computer and letting this device do the heavy lifting. This can be the brain and my computer as the assistant. I mean, this easily cuts out having a top of the range computer and some other midi and hardware devices I have. I only really need a comp for finishing tracks, Traktor and connecting my sound card/mixer.