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Hi Starcadian! I absolutely love pretty much every track you've ever laid down.

My question is sort of of the business side of things.

I noticed your music doesn't appear on Deezer, which is the music service I pay for. There's just so many online outlets for music now, it's hard for a music listener to to figure out which one to use.

How do you decide which online music outlets will have your music? How do you feel about streaming music vs actual digital album sales? Does one work out to be financially better than the other for you?

Has the Starcadian project gotten big enough for you to quit your day job, whatever it is/was?

Ah finally, the nitty gritty! Yeah I don't usually post on Deezer, it's true. Frankly, the streaming service options available are overwhelming and at some point you're paying a lot of distribution fees for not a large amount of people at all. there's a TON of startup streaming services in Africa, Asia and India for example, but until I know that I have a respectable fanbase there, I'm spending money without a return. Generally, when you're DIY, it serves you best to be fiscally responsible even with stuff that doesn't cost that much, because it snowballs in the long run.
As far as picking one, keep it simple, pick the ones with the biggest ACTIVE userbase, you can't go wrong with spotify, google and iTunes.
Hmm album sales. Well to be frank, that's my main source of Starcadian income (lol to the idea that money is in merch and in live gigs) and BandCamp will always pay out more than streaming services, that's for sure. I don't have an irrational hate of streaming, but it definitely isn't going to get you a house in the Hamptons. I think this past year I had streams in the multiple millions and over 600,000 fans, but I couldn't live off it. And that's without a label or anyone else taking a piece of the pie! Hence still the day job, sadly.
It's tough and I'm daily sacrificing a lot of real, expected, normal person things to finish each song, album and video but hey, I gotta do it I'm certainly not alone and not the martyr saint of musicians, this is the reality of independent artists in 2019, at least the ones that don't buy likes, follows, streams and all that skeezy bull****. You just make sure you release the best things you can and hope the dam breaks eventually!