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Old 17th January 2019
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Thanks WalterPPK!

So here is my best case scenario...
insulation, vapor barrier, whisper clips, drywall, green glue, drywall, tectum, aesthetics/extra diffusion and absorption

I will put together a realistic budget for the project to decide about the whisper clips and the green glue/double drywall. The prefab double drywall appears cheaper, anyone have experience on its effectiveness? Here is a link... QuietRock by PABCO Gypsum

The split unit AC/heat is my top pick, but I was quoted at 3,000-5,000 to get it installed. I was hoping to keep AC/Heat to 1,000 or less, and then upgrade later when I am able. The shed is only 12x13 feet, so I am hoping a base board heater and portable AC will work. Just have to turn off AC when tracking though... (not optimal)

Any advice on the floor. Like I said, the wood floor is nice, but the 1 foot or so of hollow air between the floor and the earth is not desirable. I was thinking of filling it with sand.

Old thread, so now I'm wondering how the project went ... ?

I've been considering for a while now, buying a new shed, 12 X 24 ft minimum & converting it for use as a home studio, instead of taking up one of my spare 9.5 X 14 ft bedrooms in the house.

Not sure of the order of progress of this thread that was made in the above studio shed, specifically wondering why the 2 fluorescent lights were installed so high against the underside of the shed roof. I'm planning on using my above space as a small attic to allow for air-flow, and sheet rock the lower rafters.